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Ughhh stupid woman September 27, 2008

Filed under: random ramblings,ticked off — jessica31876 @ 8:04 pm

My daughter is going to homecoming tonight and she has to stop to cash her check and we are waiting in line she is in a hurry and some lady in the store walks up like she is just going to get right to the front of the line. There were two people in front of us and she got behind us. The cashier/CSM helps them both out and then when it comes time for her to help us she asks my daughter what she can help her with and she tells her she needs to cash her check. So she takes my daughters check sets it down and then takes the woman behind us and starts ringing her up. I say to her “we are in a little bit of a hurry and we have been waiting for quite awhile in line so could you just cash the check?” She then says to me “This woman was here first (um yea thats why she is behind us??) and I have to check her out first” OK then why did you not check her out before the other two women you already helped? I mean I HATE HATE HATE that!! I have to wait in line and she can just walk right up to the front of the line? If she had just told us BEFORE taking my daughters check that she had already helped the woman behind us then I would have been fine with it but to take my daughter’s check and then just set it down and go help someone else? That was just plain rude IMO. I am encountering this kind of thing more and more and no matter how nice I am to someone they still have that same snippy snotty attitude that makes me wanna knock their heads off. Then my daughter told me after I walked out so I didnt tell her off that she slammed the money in her hand. She oughtta be really lucky that she didnt do that in front of me because I think that would have been the last straw


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