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Sooo annoying…why do I let her get to me? October 5, 2008

Filed under: random ramblings,ticked off — jessica31876 @ 10:45 pm

I came home today from doing laundry and my daughter tells me to go check on facebook because she sent me some flairs. I go on and see my flair has been flooded with anti-mccain and pro-obama stuff from people on my friends list (ok they dont know I am for mccain) but alot were also from my sister. She does know and she is just doing it to irritate me. The last time she was here she was going on and on about being against Palin because she is so anti-woman and McCain because he is also anti-woman. I am kinda private about my thoughts and opinions on who I vote for and what my thoughts are. I think it is rude to ask someone who they vote for or whether they are democrat or republican. Dont really know why I just do. I dont care what she thinks honestly and she knows it. So this is just to aggravate me. And of course I let it…I wish it didnt bug me but I know her and I know that is why she is going it and it does. Of course next time I talk to her I am going to let her know not to do it anymore though because it isnt going to make me change my mind and Im not trying to make her change hers.


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