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It’s been awhile… November 18, 2008

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It has been quite awhile since I have blogged. I dont know why I just havent felt much like doing it. So thought I would do a little update today.

Ive been really busy in the last few weeks. Had two birthdays in the last week or two. My daughter turned 17 this past Sunday and my son turned 15 the Sunday before. I can hardly believe that they are so old now. I mean I am almost a mother to a person who can legally vote!! We didnt do a whole lot for their birthdays just spent the day together as a family and had a cake which Johnny baked for them. Last night (11-17/Monday) we had a small bonfire here at the house and roasted marshmallows and someone apparently decided to call the fire dept. and report us for it. It takes alot of nerve to do that because everyone of our neighbors have bonfires regularly and much bigger ones then we do. We have called and reported them one time because they were blowing stuff up in the fire at 3 in the morning. Our fire was really no bigger then what you would have in a bbq grill when it is first lit. Maybe 4-5 ft tall and about 2 ft wide. Like I said it was pretty small. The fire dept. did come out but didnt do anything either time. I think that is because it is not against the law to have those small fires where we live. We sometimes in the winter dig a small hole and set up a grill over some oak logs and sit around and cook chicken breasts or hotdogs or something. It is alot of fun and it is one of the few times all three kids will get along without any of the typical squabbling. The kids have been begging to let them set up the tent and sleep outside one of these nights too. I cant do it because it really kills my back but they will probably get their way soon. So guess that has pretty much summed it up. Here are some layouts that I have finished since my last posting.

Kits used:Preppy Autumn by Traci Reed


Kits used:In the Air Tonight-Traci Reed


Kits used:Preppy Autumn-Traci Reed


Kits used:Squiggle It and Squiggle It Too


Kits used:Squiggle it and Squiggle It Too


Kits used:Little Buddies-Dani Mogstad and Gina Miller


Kits used:Bubble Gum Princess-Zoe Pearn and Gina Miller


This one was for my sons 15th birthday. Made it the night before and had it open in the morning on the computer for him to see.

Kits used:Preppy Autumn


kits used:Sweet November-Dani Mogstad


kits used:All I Want-SSD Callab, Sweet Orchard-SSD and Scrap Orchard collab, Little Birdie-Kay Miller, :wub:-Robin Carlton & Mandabean & Doodle My Snips-Lauren Grier