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Greenway Ford Bodyshop and Don Henson December 30, 2008

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This post is about Greenway Ford located in Orlando Florida and the manager of the body shop whose name is Don Henson. This man is the coldest most despicable person ever born….basically a waste of human flesh.  Pretty harsh you might be thinking I suppose? Well let me just explain why I am saying this. Trust me by the time you get to the end of this post you will agree with me and I hope this blog will allow some people who might be considering doing business with Greenway FOrd and especially the body shop to reconsider.

First let me tell you about Don Henson. Don is one of those men who is arrogant, self-centered and extremely selfish. The kind of man who cares about himself and only himself. He will ask for a favor from you then turn around the next minute and screw you over if it will get him something out of it. He enjoys creating drama and being in the center of the drama to stir it all up. He thinks the world owes him everything and walks around acting like he is some big shot when really he does nothing for what he gets.

So enough of the prick for now here is what actually happened. My husband worked for Greenway Ford’s body shop for five years. He rarely took off work because he was sick and worked even though he was in pain everyday from a bad back. When someone in upper management needed their car fixed they wanted it done right and therefore there was only one person who they came to and that was my husband. When they had a Viper come in that was a train wreck and the owner wanted it done perfectly it was sent to my husband to fix. That should say something right? So he at one point had to leave there because there just was not enough work and the tension between my husband and the prick Don Henson was becoming to much to bare. Don told my husband that he HAD to provide a paper from his doctor who he was seeing for his back saying what he was being seen for. This as far as I know is highly illegal. He might be able to ask for proof of a doctors appointment but he has no right to say he has to have proof of what he was seen for. So that was just one of the problems.

Well fast forward six months after he left Greenway he got a call from one of the adjusters saying he really wanted my husband to come back. He agreed but then Don somehow twisted this around and told my husband he was actually hiring him back as a favor to my husbands parents. That was untrue but whatever he went with it because he needed work and believed Don when he said he could provide him with 40-50 hours of work a week. After being there for a month my husband did not receive a single penny for his work. He had an accident on November 23rd and was injured again and has been working still even though he should be out of work by doctors orders. He did not miss a single day since being there. On December 30th Don Henson called my husband into his office to inform my husband he was being fired and the reason for this is that my husband supposedly lied.

What did he lie about you might wonder? When he received parts to fix a van. He received them on December 23rd, 2008 and December 24th, 2008. He never lied about that. That is when he got them. He had an MRI on the 24th and could not do any cutting or drilling so he did what he could on that day which was only a half day. This van was originally due on the 26th but because there was a supplement made on this car it should have been extended. Well because Don is the selfish ignorant person he is he refuses to go by the supplements due date. He told my husband he does not care if there is an extention they are going by the original due date period. He told my husband he could not speak to defend himself that he is fired period. Then he fills out the form saying my husband would not be receiving his final check or at least not all of it. The last check would be used to pay for rental for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Im not even sure how that could be because the car was due on Friday so why should my husband be responsible for Thursday and Friday? Why should the insurance company not pay for this rental if in fact the supplement was submitted and approved? 

My husband does not want to work for Don Henson anymore. We do not need charity and certainly never asked for this “favor” no matter what he said. Im not really sure what he gets out of this exactly because all he is doing is making more enemies. In talking to other people who have worked with/for Don even current employees they all despise him. Alot of them act like they like him to his face because if they dont he will treat them like he did my husband. As hard as it is right now I am proud of my husband and Im glad he did not beg for his job or bow down to this immature bully of a manager. 

As of this moment we have contacted an atttorney and Don will be getting what is coming to him. He is going to see he cannot push people around and step on people like this just for his own pleasure.