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FOBTY 4-16-09 April 20, 2009

Filed under: FOBTY,FOBTY/Sweet Shoppe Designs — jessica31876 @ 9:29 pm

We are all suffering economically right now I think and we have all given up alot to make ends meet until things start to change around us and we feel a little more secure financially. One of the things I have mostly given up was buying scrapbook supplies. I do have a huge hoard of supplies on my hard drive but when I see some new stuff coming in the store every week sometimes I just have to buy a little something for myself. My last purchases I was lucky and managed to get a coupon for the purchase as well as win a gift card to my favorite designers store so I got several new kits to play with. So even with the economy being so horrible I have still managed to buy a little here and there without feeling to guilty about spending on something I dont REALLY need


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