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just some random thoughts and pictures once in awhile

About August 30, 2008

Well not really sure how many people will be by to read this blog so I might just be writing this summary for me but if you are reading this and wondering who I am here ya go…My name is Jessica. I created this blog as a way to vent and to show off my scrapbooking and photographs. I am a mother of three and a wife to the love of my life Johnny. I live in sunny Florida (for now anyhow I hope to move to West Virginia someday). I love photography and scrapbooking. My favorite people to photograph are my kids and my kitties. I also love photgraphing nature…anything from plants to animals to landscapes. Oh and cars. When Im not doing that I am a total thrill ride freak!! I want to ride every roller coaster in the U.S. before I get to old to do that. Thats about it…so yea get back to the blog and leave me some *L*O*V*E* 🙂


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