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safe haven laws October 30, 2008

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This morning I was watching Good Morning America and see a segment in which a woman is talking about how much she loves her son and how she would do anything for him. It goes on to say how he was troubled…lying, stealing, getting suspended from school etc and how she was at the end of her rope and had done everything she could to get him help and so as a “last resort:” she drove across the country from Georgia to Nebraska¬†and left her child at one of these “safe havens” in Nebraska. Well her child was obviously not an infant and had developed a bond with his mother and even if he was troubled most likely loved/trusted her. And she abandoned him!! Away from family and friends and home. How can a woman raise a child and after 12 or 13 years leave him and walk away? Just thinking about having to do that to any one of my children literally makes my heart ache. I mean really how can you carry a child inside of your body, feed/diaper/clothe that child, watch him/her grow and then just take that child and drop them off like they are an animal. I do not like any of these laws which were created to protect newborn babies from abandonment because I feel every child deserves the right to know where they came from when they choose to find out and these laws make that possibility impossible because there is no questions asked. Ughhh the whole situation to me is just disgusting.


my worst nightmare October 6, 2008

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This story is all over the news today. I have to say this is one of my worst nightmares when it comes to carnivals and fairs and I absolutely love thrill rides and fairs in general. It is usually really fun but when you actually think about what happens behind the scenes and how often these rides are assembled and dissassembled and how much training the people operating the rides actually has it is kinda scary. For that reason I have not went to a carnival or fair in years. I will still ride well maintained and regularly inspected rides at established parks and I know there are always risks there too but still I think its more so at a carnival then say Disney World. Just thinking about the things that could go wrong is enough to make me not want to do that. That woman must have been absolutely terrified!! As well as the little girl. Luckily they were ok.