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It’s been awhile… November 18, 2008

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It has been quite awhile since I have blogged. I dont know why I just havent felt much like doing it. So thought I would do a little update today.

Ive been really busy in the last few weeks. Had two birthdays in the last week or two. My daughter turned 17 this past Sunday and my son turned 15 the Sunday before. I can hardly believe that they are so old now. I mean I am almost a mother to a person who can legally vote!! We didnt do a whole lot for their birthdays just spent the day together as a family and had a cake which Johnny baked for them. Last night (11-17/Monday) we had a small bonfire here at the house and roasted marshmallows and someone apparently decided to call the fire dept. and report us for it. It takes alot of nerve to do that because everyone of our neighbors have bonfires regularly and much bigger ones then we do. We have called and reported them one time because they were blowing stuff up in the fire at 3 in the morning. Our fire was really no bigger then what you would have in a bbq grill when it is first lit. Maybe 4-5 ft tall and about 2 ft wide. Like I said it was pretty small. The fire dept. did come out but didnt do anything either time. I think that is because it is not against the law to have those small fires where we live. We sometimes in the winter dig a small hole and set up a grill over some oak logs and sit around and cook chicken breasts or hotdogs or something. It is alot of fun and it is one of the few times all three kids will get along without any of the typical squabbling. The kids have been begging to let them set up the tent and sleep outside one of these nights too. I cant do it because it really kills my back but they will probably get their way soon. So guess that has pretty much summed it up. Here are some layouts that I have finished since my last posting.

Kits used:Preppy Autumn by Traci Reed


Kits used:In the Air Tonight-Traci Reed


Kits used:Preppy Autumn-Traci Reed


Kits used:Squiggle It and Squiggle It Too


Kits used:Squiggle it and Squiggle It Too


Kits used:Little Buddies-Dani Mogstad and Gina Miller


Kits used:Bubble Gum Princess-Zoe Pearn and Gina Miller


This one was for my sons 15th birthday. Made it the night before and had it open in the morning on the computer for him to see.

Kits used:Preppy Autumn


kits used:Sweet November-Dani Mogstad


kits used:All I Want-SSD Callab, Sweet Orchard-SSD and Scrap Orchard collab, Little Birdie-Kay Miller, :wub:-Robin Carlton & Mandabean & Doodle My Snips-Lauren Grier



Rodney Atkins concert tonight… October 18, 2008

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I went out this evening for the first time in like months with my husband and the first concert in years. The last concert we went to was to see Doug Supernaw years ago. I mean we have seen so no-name bands here and there but this was the first big name person I have seen. He put on a pretty good show.  I had a really good time. I wanted to get a full song for Crystal but it was just to crowded to get it. I did get a few pictures. Here they are:



Saturday outing…

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We went to pick up the kids at their grandparents this morning and headed over to a car show in Baldwin Park. It was a pretty nice day but kinda still on the warm side. Crystal called her boyfriend to come with us and he met us on the way there and she rode the rest of the way with him. It was the first time we have met him and he seems like a nice kid. Alot better then her last boyfriend who never wanted to go anywhere and wouldnt look at either me or her dad and rarely spoke to any of us. Saw some nice cars at the show and they had a doggie costume contest/parade. This little chiuaua won who was dressed like a bumble bee. There was a beautiful Great Pyrenees there as well as an English Sheepdog. Ohhh how I love those two dogs. Both have long fur and are stocky dogs. The Great Pyrenees was HUGE!!! Like a small horse big LOL. So watched the parade and then went and looked at more cars. Took lots of pictures. Here are a few…


lightning strikes… September 17, 2008

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Im just sitting here at my computer today when I hear a loud (and I mean LOUDDDD) noise outside that sounded like an explosion. Almost at the very same second there is a pop that comes from my computer monitor and the computer shuts off for a second. I shut it down because I realized it was lightning and it was very close. I wasn’t sure how close it was but I also heard a pop in the breaker box…possibly connected with the pop from my monitor. I check the breaker box and it seemed ok. No smoke or anything anywhere and so I look outside and see some weird streaks going up the tree outside the living room window. It is about maybe 20 feet from where I was sitting id guess. It is raining to hard at that point to go outside so I wait to go check it out til the rain stops and then go outside at when it does and look at the tree and all the way up the tree kinda circling around it is evidence it was in fact hit by lightning. I am guessing itll probably die now. Here are the pictures I took after the storm had passed.






a new layout and some photos September 10, 2008

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Finished this last night. I have been weeding through my stash and didnt feel up to scrapping since last week. So I didnt make my layout a day…oh well.

Here are those cars I saw at the car show on Saturday. Im not quite sure why there are so many chevys and fords there because out of all the cars this month (and there were lots) we had my dream car the 1967 Barracuda and the Challenger pictured. There was also a 1963 Dart and a 1970 ‘Cuda and a 1972 Duster…although the Duster was a recreation and not a real Duster. Thats it. Nothing more. I cannot wait until November when we can go to the Turkey Rod Run in Daytona. That should be alot better!