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Truthful Tuesday/9-02-08 September 2, 2008

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I love how some people are so idealistic. Like my daughter for instance. She talks about how my husband (her father) should quit his job and find something closer to home because we are spending like 120 dollars a week in gas just to go back and forth to work. He should but he needs a new job before quitting. She works as well but she doesn’t NEED to work. She works to have money to buy things like a cute top or skirt or pay for her yearbook at school or buy special snacks for herself. Basically entertainment and wants. We cover her needs. We pay for the power to run her radio which seems to be on lately 24 hours a day even when I tell her to turn it off if she isnt in the room and the food she eats and the water and power to wash and dry her clothes etc etc. So I just dont think she gets what bills really are and how much things really cost these days. So anyhow in her little idealistic mind she thinks he quits his job and just finds another one. Yes ideally that would be how it would work but after doing a search on the online classifieds and I found 1 job in auto body field in his line of work and it is even farther away then the one he is at now. So for now we are just gonna have to keep going and try to make ends meet. This economy surely can’t get any worse can it? (knocking on wood)