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a wordle for me September 17, 2008

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dont know why I did this but I thought it looked kinda cool.

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Casey Anthony September 6, 2008

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Everyday for the last two months we have been bombarded with pictures of Casey Anthony, her mother and father, the bondsman and her lawyer. I do not want to sound cold but Im tired of it. With all the attention this woman is getting it is taking away from the 3 year old girl who is missing. Sure Casey is the only one who knows where she might be but she is not talking. The police say there is evidence that the little Caylee was killed. I am praying every night that this is not true but I think that her mother was tired of being a mom and wanted to fulfill her own selfish needs to go party and be young and carefree. In my opinion her ability to be young and free ended the day that little girl was conceived. Unfortunately it seems we see this happen all to often. She reminds me so much of the woman Susan Smith…where was she from? South Carolina? Its been awhile so forgive me if Im wrong but she did the same thing as Casey and it came out in the end. Granted it didn’t take as long. And that is what else really scares me about Casey is how she can just lie and stay calm and just keep up with the same story day in and day out that she does not know where her daughter is. She knows…its so obvious to anyone with half a brain that she knows