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FOBTY-Earth day 2009 April 24, 2009

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Earthday this year really got me thinking about what I am doing to help take care of this planet. Sure I do the small things like not littering and recycling/reusing things as I can. I also try to reduce waste and reduce packaging on things I buy by buying full packages of things instead of those pre-packaged stuff that seems to be so popular lately. Afterall they raise the prices signifigantly and those pre-packaged stuff adds signifigantly to the amount of waste. I have changed every lightbulb in my house from those cheapy incandesent ones which actually has saved me TONS!! I have had some of the new CFL bulbs (or whatever they are called) for over two years now. The older type bulbs I had to replace every few weeks. Now I know those new bulbs have mercury in them but the amount of waste the older type bulbs puts out coupled with the pollution it takes to run the factory that produces them I think it is helping more then hurting. Basically I do a whole lot little things that I hope rub off on those around me and in turn keeps going down the line to more and more people which will add up to ONE HUGE thing for our planet. earth-day-20091

(credits:Eco-Friendly by Kristin Cronin-Barrow/photo taken from web)